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About Mommy Buggy

Mommy Buggy is a fast-growing logistics and distribution services company in North Carolina. We offer a wide array of express courier and logistic support solutions to our various customers.

We are a fast-growing provider of multi-faced logistics and transportation solutions. Our business is to help your business by minimizing your busyness. We offer delivery services which include the pickup and delivery of parcels, documents, items and palette of goods.

Our Features Why Choose Us

Timely Delivery

We are committed to providing cost-effective Logistics solutions for every business around North Carolina With faster and technology-powered delivery services, we offer complete flexibility that is timely and reliable.

Safety And Security

When it comes to handling your delivery with care, be rest assured your package is in safehands. At Mommy Buggy, you the customers are our priority. We handle your package securely from Pickup to delivery.

24/7 Customer Support

Get Support from our Five-Star Customer Success Team Trusted and loved by 96% of our customers. Committed to your success – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Our Customers are our priority.

Real Time Tracking

Easily find out the current status and location of your delivery by simply entering the tracking ID that has been provided to you.You will also get email updates from time to time from drop-off to final delivery of your package.


Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost for a courier?

Costs for our courier and delivery services will vary based upon the size and weight of the item, what type of vehicle you require, how quickly you need the item delivered and the distance from your pick up point and delivery point. Contact us or use our online request form for an accurate quote.

How quickly can you deliver my package?

Our rush courier and delivery services can vary in terms of delivery time. We offer a rush service where a courier will pick up and deliver your package direct with no stops in between; which is usually delivered in under 60 minutes. Other courier services we offer include a 3 hour delivery, a 5 hour delivery, and a same day delivery which would deliver your package before end of business day. Contact us for more details regarding the types of services we provide.

How does your online delivery quote work?

Simply fill out your name, phone number, email, speed, pick up and delivery destination, and details of your delivery and we will get back to you with a quote within minutes.

Do you offer same day freight delivery?

Our same day and rush freight delivery services are used daily throughout the United States. If you need freight or LTL delivered as soon as possible or by the end of the day give us a call for your quote and we will get it delivered safely and on time.

What hours are you open and when do you make deliveries?

We understand that not every delivery is going to fall in between normal business hours so we are conveniently open 24/7 and can make a delivery at any time of day or night.

What is the largest package you can deliver?

We can deliver any item that is smaller than 25ft x 8ft x 8ft. This can be achieved by using our 26 foot box trucks with lift gates for all of your courier and delivery needs.

Interested in working with Mommy Buggy?

Mommy Buggy is always looking for diligent and hard working drivers. If you enjoy a fast paced work environment and delivering packages then Mommy Buggy wants you.